IP PBX & voip

How does Fax work in VoIP environments
What are SIP phones
What are the benefits of an IP PBX
What do FXS and FXO mean
What is a PBX system
What is a SIP server
What is a voice mail system
What is an auto attendant
What is DID
What is Echo cancellation
What is RTCP or real time transfer protocol
What is RTP
What is SDP or Session Description Protocol
What is SIP or Session Initiation Protocol
What is VOIP


Branded Calling Cards

Can I check my Account Activity?
Do calling cards expire?
Do I have to subscribe to use the Pin-Free Service?
How does Pin-Free technology work?
How long my Account will stay active?
How many phone numbers can I register?
How will I get my card?


Call Center Solutions

What is an auto attendant
What is IVR or Interactive Voice Response

What are the communication technologies that constitute the infrastructure of a Contact/Call center?

What is CTI?

What are the advantages of outsourcing to Contact/Call Center?

What is the main challenge faced in the day-to-day activity of Contact/Call Center?

What are the key performance measurements in a call center?