Broadcast Messages to reach your audience in just minutes


We can deliver bulk messages to any database, both in voice and cellular SMS. 
The message can be single message to multiple users or different messages,
according to a segmented database of customers or other recipients.

This application is particularly well suited for the following business issues:


> You can manage the application by yourself.
> You always have control of results through reporting and statistics  
> You
can let us manage the campaign for you
All you need to do is upload the contact list in the form below and w
e take care of the integration between the messages, the delivery platform, and the customer database. 
Broadcast and SMS Voice messages start at $0.04/message. Prices may vary according to country of destination.  


Improved Functionality and Benefits in Broadcast Messages

Personalized Messages





The messages can be personalized to create a more robust impact. Imagine being able to contact every customer by name, by age of accounts receivable or any field in your database. For personalized messages, we will integrate our solution with a third party provider of TTS (Text to Speech) technology that will read the names from your contact list.

Integration with IVR - (Press 1 to confirm, press 2 to change)
We can also integrate broadcast messaging with IVR systems to generate powerful 
savings in customer service activities.Imagine being able to launch a marketing up-sell campaign to credit card users and let them choose to accept new services as follows:
Broadcast message: Good morning Mr. Smith, we call you to let you know that your credit limit was raised.
Integration with IVR: Press 1 if you want to accept, press 2 if you want to hear more, press 3 if you do not want to accept. 


Campaign Management and Reporting

The solution provides real time reporting on vital statistics to allow you to manage your business objectives. Ask one of our consultants to provide you with a demonstration.


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Voice messages start at $0.04/message up to 1 million messages/month. Prices may vary according to country of destination. 

SMS messages have a flat rate of $0.02/message, regardless of volume.