Hosted & Integrated VoIP Communication Services


Wholesale long distance voice traffic


Provides cost effective alternatives for least-cost routing to foreign destinations to Tier-one phone companies. The wholesale solution includes the hardware, software and telecommunications expertise necessary to meet the diverse needs of Telecomm providers in country.


Offer includes establishing, managing and operating the network. The technologies we bring together enable us to operate routes over both an IP data network and conventional PSTN



  • Turnkey hosted solution for managing international voice traffic


  • No capital investment and costs associated with hardware maintenance and replacement



Provisioning is a 4 step process:

  • Traffic dimensioning forecast to design equipment needed
  • Selection of points of origin and destination to provision the routes
  • Hardware configuration
  • User registration and management rules


Integration issues

Since we provide a hosted solution, there are no integration issues.



Our price lists have steep volume discounts. Talk to our sales consultants to learn about our volume discounts.



We provide admin user manuals and training modules online. You can also request  phone support at any time.